Screen at Lowlands
Meeting Duet – Touch me Dare

An installation for Lowlands, a screen that produces music when touched from both sides, to induce a new kind of interaction and meeting people with the initial visual judgement.

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The Opener
Digital Powertools – Master Thesis

During my master thesis, I designed a complete set of tools for use on an interactive tabletop computer for use with the whole range of different applications for a true general purpose computer.

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prototype tangible feedback in steering wheel
Design for Electric Driving

A research project to explore possible tangible interaction opportunities in an electric car and its controls.

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Sharing energy through bodily contact (slow)
Ethics in Design

A project meant to take an impersonal human right into a tangible and practical product, in cooperation with Italian students.

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Assembling the rings
Digidoo – an exercise in Embodied Interaction

Digidoo, an experimental electronic musical instrument, designed to use skill and real world weight and manipulation to control generated sound.

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Working prototype
Adaptive and Informative Skin

An everyday object, a torch, is redesigned to use the principles of tangible interaction to convey important information about battery status, and usage is redesigned to fit.

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Working prototype
tISCH – Internship DQI research group

For my internship we designed an interactive installation with a VJ demonstrator to test resonance with interactive installations.

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