Meeting Duet – Touch me Dare

Screen at Lowlands
Screen at Lowlands

An installation for Lowlands, a screen that produces music when touched from both sides, to induce a new kind of interaction and meeting people with the initial visual judgement.

In use at Lowlands
In use at Lowlands
In use at Lowlands
In use at Lowlands
Koen van Boerdonk
Eva Deckers (original project only)
Hugo Nagtzaam (original project only)
Jesper Schwachofer
Rob Tieben
Physical Prototyping
Material Aquisition
Conceptual development
Vandal Proofing
Original Prototype
Original Prototype

In my second year, I was part of the Meeting Duet project team, in which we designed a screen that makes music when touched from both sides, evoking bodily meetings without visual prejudice.

After the project, we were asked to make it into a vandal proof product, for use on the Lowlands festival. I participated in this extension on the technical side of things, programming, designing electronics and designing and building the frame.

The screen at Lowlands:

The original prototype:

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